Roadtrip on Iceland

Oh Iceland, how I'm missing you. Two years ago Zweidreisieben and I decided to explore the beauty of Iceland in October. October is a great time to visit Iceland. The good thing about travelling in October is that you’ll have still a lot of daylight and may have the chance to see northern lights.

Arriving in Iceland, we immediately rent a car for our 7-day trip. Many people like to take ten days to travel around the island on the Ring Road, but it depends on how much you want to explore. If you’re not planning to do much, seven should be quite enough. I'm especially glad that we had rented a car and got to do our own thing, at our own pace. We got to do what we wanted to do and stop where we wanted to stay. 

If there was ever a country perfectly suited for a road trip, it’s Iceland. We started early from Reykjavik, to see the wonders of the ring road west of the capital. 

While driving through the beautiful landscape with our little car called "Spikey" (because of the spikes on the wheels you definitely need on Iceland), we always questioned ourselves “Is this real life? How can such a place exist?” 

A magical place that gave me one of the best memories. Iceland is an uncharted destination waiting to be discovered. Every road, every waterfall, every mountain and volcano, every glacier is breathtaking and deserves to be seen.

The weather on Iceland is so unpredictable. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining or snowing, and then you’re in a fog. Be prepared for it to change in a second and have plenty of layers of clothes with you. 

You will fall in love with Iceland. You will say over and over to yourself "This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen". And before finishing your trip you already will be thinking when you will come back again. See more pictures of our trip here

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