Rihanna gave 100% and released, together with Puma, her latest plateau sneaker - the Puma x Fenty Cleated Creeper. Riri has already released beautiful Creeper in the past, which we all have celebrated. Thus, the famous Fenty Creeper were sold out immediately. 

After a longer rest of Rihanna and Puma, I was curious about what would come next. The result was highly satisfactory: the Puma x Fenty Cleated Creeper Suede. We already know the usual Fenty Creeper, so it was clear that something new was needed. How about more plateau sole? Yes, please!

This sneaker is mainly for us shorties perfect to gain some cm of body height. The sole with the gum look as well as the Puma branding on the upper are a total eye catcher. There are two Puma x Fenty Cleated Creeper Suede colorways, namely black and brown. The upper material comes with a high-quality suede leather. 

I'm wearing the matching Rihanna x Stance Socks. Rihanna has worked for years with Stance Socks, and the collection is a perfect match to her different Fenty Sneaker. For the ideal "Used Look," I'm wearing black jeans with cut outs and an oversize hoody as well as a shoulder bag from Supreme in camouflage. 

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