Pinqponq SS 18 Collection

pinqponq, the Cologne-based backpack and accessories label, combines innovative functionality with suitable designs. Pinqponq just launched its Spring/Summer 18 Collection with clean designs. Clear shapes and various pockets are the best way to be well organised for every situation in life. 


pinqpong counts on environmental sustainability which is very important for today's life. All materials are made 100% of recycled PET bottles. There are also no toxic chemicals in the products as the label is a recognised bluesign® system partner.


pinqponq offers a broad product range which covers all the different tastes in design. I'm showing you the Cubik Medium Supple Red. You can store many essential things you need for your everyday life. They are also perfect for weekend trips: a pair of shoes, outfits, camera, laptop and even more items have enough space in the backpack. 

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