It's a match: Culotte x Nike Classic Cortez

Surprise, surprise - I'm wearing red! For those who know me better, this is actually a real surprise. My wardrobe contains in particular 90% clothes in black, white and grey. The remaining 10 per cent of my clothing lies in the depth of my closet and are colourful. In the autumn and winter, in particular, I give attention to the different shades of black that should match perfectly with my outfit.

However, I more and more feel the urge to buy clothes in different colours, for example, this Culotte in signal red. In the beginning, I was sceptical, but the more I wore the culotte, the more I loved them - especially because they are so conscious and more comfortable in the summer than skinny jeans. Since then I really like to buy eye-catching apparel as you can perfectly combine them with simple basics, as I did with this white T-Shirt. The outfit does not look "too much", and the focus is still on the trousers. 

With it, I'm wearing one of my favourite Cortez - the Nike Classic Cortez, a must-have for summer. The red colour accents reflect on the Culotte. A small fanny pack in grey rounds off the look. 

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