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Back home from Bali and I have to show you a lot of impressions. Bali, the Pearl of Indonesia, attracted me with its beautiful scenery and breathtaking beaches. Of course, I just had to check this magical place out for myself.

While researching, I found a lot of reviews claiming that Bali had lost its charm over the past years. According to reviews, Bali became a place for either party people or yoga fanatics. Well, I would say that's just the half of the truth. It depends on how you plan your stay there. 

I experienced many sides of Bali – the good, but also some bad ones. We arrived at the airport of Denpasar and went straight to our first stay in Canggu. From there we headed over to Ubud to relax and enjoy the nature, especially the rice terraces. Then we went to Gili Meno by boat and to Nusa Lembongan. Our last three days we stayed at Jimbaran. 

Bali is the perfect place for some surfing sessions and good food. I enjoyed driving or walking around and just relishing the things that appeared. The island has incredible architecture, landscapes and in particular, waterfalls to explore, especially around Ubud. 

Bali relies on tourism, but the local people aren’t pushy when it comes to tipping and don’t seem to rip you off. They always try to help when you are in need (especially when your scooter stops to work on a hill, and you have to push it right to the top). Balinese people are such a friendly nation and always polite.

If you’re visiting Bali, you need to have either a car or a motor scooter to get around. We chose to rent a scooter for only about €5 a day. I was so glad that we rent a scooter instead of a car as it was way easier to drive and to get faster to your destination. 

I know, three weeks is a lot of time to explore such a beautiful island. However, at the end of our trip, it felt like we just saw about 50% of Bali. I am definitely coming back as I also want to see Lombok and more of the inland. 

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